The purpose of this association is to promote the academic research of Chinese medicine, maintain the health of the people, benefit the interest of members, and seek the development of Chinese medicine.


• Guidance on member business, and safeguards and promotes the common interests of members.

• Matters concerning the research, improvement and publication of Chinese medicine academics.

• Matters concerning assistance in social insurance, health care and welfare of children, the disabled, the poor and the elderly, and the maintenance of national health.

• Matters related to medical relief to improve the health of the whole people.

• With regard to assisting in the implementation of medical laws and regulations and other matters.

• Regarding the establishment of various academic research conferences and seminars on Chinese medicine.

• The establishment of a Chinese medicine hospital or other public utilities related to Chinese medicine must be approved by the authority.

• Regarding the acceptance of services and consultations entrusted by organizations or members.

• Matters concerning the promotion of connections, exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign medical institutions or groups.